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    Position Location
    Deputy General Manager ( in charge of Investment and Operation) Shanghai/Hangzhou
    Overseas Investment Manager Shanghai/Hangzhou
    Deputy Marketing Management Director Shanghai/Hangzhou
    Overseas Marketing Supervisor Shanghai/Hangzhou/ Other countries
    Cost Management Direct/Deputy Director Shanghai/Hangzhou
    Deputy Landscape Management Director Shanghai/Hangzhou
    HR and Administration Manager/Deputy Manager Indonesia
    Investment Manager Southeast Asia/North America/Britain

    We are looking for candidates who should:

    1. Have overseas work or study experience;

    2. Be able to work anywhere around the world;

    3. have valid visa or Permanent Residency (for positions in North America and Britain);

    4. Be fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and be able to use it as the working language.

    Join Us

    Email: oshr@chinagreentown.com